Pet Food Application

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Pet  #1 needing food assistance

Pet #2 needing food assistance

I understand that I accept any food and or other animal products from SOS Animal Rescue at my own risk. While every foreseeable precaution has been taken by SOS Animal Rescue to insure my safety and that of my pet(s), all household members, friends and family agree not to hold the agents, volunteers or benefactors of SOS Animal Rescue responsible for any adverse effects that might occur from any food or these supplies I may receive. I understand that food or litter that I receive may be out of manufacturers date and may be given to me in a different container than offered from a store.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility to ensure my animals receive their recommended food intake and SOS Animal Rescue makes no guarantee to supply those needs and will not to be considered a permanent source of food for my animals. I also understand that SOS Animal Rescue has the right to terminate assistance for reasons including but not limited to a falsified application, concern for volunteer safety or running out of funding or supplies. By sending in this contract I agree that I or anyone in my household is not an animal hoarder, fighter, breeder, or involved in any questionable activity involving animals.

I agree that any pet food or product I receive is to be used for my personal pets listed above and is not to be re-sold to any person or business, nor used for any other purpose than which it was intended.

By checking agree and sending in this contract I am releasing SOS Animal Rescue from any and all liability