Dodger’s Picks

I am a reader—You didn’t know dogs could read? I will be adding new selections, so please check back often to see what is new. I am reading as fast as I can between walks with my family, chasing the Frisbee, and just plain chilling! Read a book, learn, and pass it on!





go homeGo Home! by Libby Phillips Meggs                      Ages k-8

James the cat had been on his own a very long time. He had belonged to a family at one time, when he was much younger. James had gotten lost years ago. Life on his own was very hard. He went hungry and thirsty, and the world was a frightening place. Whenever someone in the neighborhood gave him any attention, he thought he had found his home. But it would take many years of being shooed away out of yards for him to find someone that realized he was a lost cat and that he needed someone to care, protect, and love him again. Realistic illustrations. “James the Cat” is a wonderful book that will pull at your heartstrings. Winner of the ASPCA Book Award

—Dodger’s Review


before you were mineBefore You Were Mine by Maribeth Boelts & David Walker                   Ages Preschool to 8

“Before You Were Mine” explores a little boy’s thoughts as he spends hours with his new puppy that his family adopted from a shelter. The boy wonders what his puppy’s life might have been like before they adopted him. And so the story takes the reader on the little dog’s journey through the pondering of the little boy. A book that will touch your heart with its endearing illustrations as well as a positive message to love and cherish those wonderful four-legged family members that deserve so much.

—Dodger’s Review


a dog's lifeA Dog’s Life by Ann M. Martin                    Ages 9-12 (no illustrations)

“I’ve known of dogs who were treated cruelly by human hands and dogs who were treated with the gentlest touch, dogs who starved and dogs who grew fat from too many treats. I’ve known all these dogs, and I’ve been all these dogs.” — quote from prologue

The reader is taken along on Squirrel’s journey, beginning with her birth as a stray puppy. Written from Squirrel’s point of view, the reader gets a real sense of what many “real” dogs and cats might experience when left to fend for themselves as strays or forced to live in homes that may be cruel or neglectful.

There is also helpful information in the back of the book that may encourage children to become involved with their own pets’ care and what to consider when adopting a pet, etc. A book that the family could even read together!

—Dodger’s review


buddy unchainedBuddy Unchained by Daisy Bix & Hoe Hyatt         Ages 4-8

What is life like for a dog kept outdoors in all weather on a chain or a rope, alone all day, every day—a dog whose owners, for the most part, forgot that he’s alive? Buddy, a lovable mixed-breed dog, has had such an existence. Happy in a new home, Buddy tells the story of his former life of neglect and abuse. Now that he’s been rescued, he’s finally living a good life with a family that cares about him. Written in simple, age-appropriate text, Buddy Unchained is a valuable tool for teaching the message of compassion and empathy toward animals. Information is included for parents and other adults about how to help abused dogs.

— review


a home for nathanA Home for Nathan by Claudia M. Roll & Finn Rizer                Ages 4 to 7

Nathan is a kitty with a home, until one day, his family took him to a strange place and left him. They said that they could not afford to keep him any longer. The ‘strange place’ was a humane society where he would have to wait for his new home. Thus begins Nathan’s story. “A Home for Nathan” teaches children what animals need from people, to understand the importance of good animal care, responsibility, and love. This is a cute book with quirky illustrations that grab you. Won’t disappoint.

—Dodger’s Review